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Meshy business! - Fascia

Fascia, the web-like structure that holds our organs and muscles together, can cause chronic pain, stiffness, and decreased metabolism. Lack of exercise, bad posture, dehydration, stress, muscle injury, and improper diet can weaken your fascial tissue. Strengthen your fascia by staying hydrated and active, sleeping well, eating correctly, and moving. I think one of the most effective ways to move and exercise is taking Essentrics classes. Essentrics aligns and stretches your body, boosts circulation, and releases toxins. I recently read The Sunday Edit article, "How 'Fascia Foods' Can Decrease Pain and Help You Feel Your Best" by Christa Lee, which suggests a fascia food diet, blending Mediterranean and Paleo diets with plant-based recipes, to maintain a healthy fascial system. Please take a moment to read her article.

I look forward to hearing how this post and Christina Lee's article encouraged you to enhance your overall health by stretching and strengthening your fascia.

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