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Reserve an Essentrics Class

We have registration deadlines for our online fitness classes. Please register for our online fitness classes as soon as possible to secure your spot. 

We require at least two (2) students* registered for a group class, or we may have to cancel the class. 

*If only one person has registered by the deadline, we may offer you an option to pay for an additional person, and it will be less expensive than booking a private session for $35.00 per hour.


Here are the registration deadlines:

- Morning sessions: Register deadline twelve (12) hours before the class.

- Afternoon/evening sessions: Register deadline six (6) hours before the class.


We encourage you to register early to secure your spot, and if we have yet to reach the minimum registrations for the class by the deadline, we may have to cancel the class. However, you can still register for the class up to 30 MIN before it starts if we have met the minimum attendance for the class before the deadline.


To reserve the class and see discount options, please use the button below to go to Acuity (our scheduling platform). 

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to having you in the class soon!

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