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Luigi - Never Stop Moving

Luigi-style jazz is a unique form of jazz dance with a rich history and a lasting impact on the dance world. Luigi-style jazz, also known as the Luigi technique, was created by Luigi Faccuito in the 1950s. Faccuito was a dancer and choreographer who wanted to create a technique to help dancers move more efficiently and freely. The trademark phrase key to Luigi Technique is 'Never Stop Moving.' It inspires us at MotionalCORE daily.

The Luigi technique is a series of exercises that help dancers develop their core strength, flexibility, and balance. These exercises, designed by Luigi, help dancers move with fluidity and grace while maintaining a firm and stable center of gravity. "Never Stop Moving" is a Luigi trademark.

One of the critical features of the Luigi technique is its emphasis on musicality and expression. Luigi believed that dance should reflect the music, and he worked to create a technique that would allow dancers to fully embody the rhythms and melodies of the music they were dancing to.

Over the years, the Luigi technique has become a staple in jazz dance. Dance studios and conservatories worldwide still teach this beautiful technique, and many professional dancers credit it with helping them develop their skills and succeed in their careers. At MotionalCORE Fitness, we offer several pre-recorded Luigi Classes on our On-demand page.

But the legacy of Luigi-style jazz goes beyond the dance studio. The technique has had a lasting impact on the dance world, influencing how dancers approach movement and expression. It has also helped to shape the way that jazz music is choreographed and performed, with many choreographers using the technique as a framework for their work.

In many ways, Luigi-style jazz represents the very essence of jazz dance. It is a style that celebrates freedom of movement, improvisation, and musicality, and it continues to inspire and influence dancers and choreographers worldwide. As the dance world continues to evolve and change, the legacy of Luigi-style jazz will undoubtedly play an essential role in shaping the future of dance.

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